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So, What Do You Think of the Place?

It's Jazz Central Studios' tenth anniversary this summer, and our website hadn't really changed much in that time. It was outdated, clunky, and filled with viruses.

We can't do much about the virus outside, but we were ready to get rid of the ones we have some small control over, so we've moved to a new platform and see it as a jumping off place for some new content.

What that will include, and how it will work is something we are still getting the bugs out of, but we are all very excited that we have a new look and a smoother user experience. Thanks for checking out the new joint.

Keep up on the latest with the space, the performers and the website by subscribing to and then reading the weekly newsletter. It will have information about who is performing, what is happening with the organization, and how we're going to be celebrating our BIG TENTH ANNIVERSARY.

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