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Updated: Sep 22, 2020

First the bad news:

L.A. Bucker, JCS StreamFest 2020

Big Shoe has had to cancel their show on Wednesday, 9/23. It's our first cancelation that is related to COVID (not necessarily a sick musician, but the bug is touching us all more and more). We encourage everyone to stay home when you can, mask up when you can't, and always keep your distance. We want you all to stay healthy and alive.

Now the good news

The good news, is that L.A. Buckner, drummer and band leader who has been a frequent recentJazz Central Studios participant , has had the Number One single on the iTunes jazz chart. We couldn't be more pleased for this hardworking musician, and appreciate that he has been part of our community, including his BiG HOMiE performance at our StreamFest in July. Here's the link to that performance on our YouTube channel.

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