Jazz Central Studios is a non-profit organization that depends on donations, grants, and a small percentage of the door in order to keep our doors open. 

If you think what we do to support Jazz and its musicians, please consider financially supporting us through donation or sponsorship.


To discuss being a sponsor, please click here to contact us. 

To make a direct financial contribution to JCS, you can give via PayPal below.


As a result of the pandemic COVID-19, almost all opportunities for musicians to earn a living by playing live music suddenly disappeared.

In response, the organization quickly put in place the Musicians Relief Fund where our patrons and supporters have chipped in to provide financial support and opportunities for income for our musicians. Musicians who have been participants in JCS are welcome to avail themselves of these funds in several ways.

  • Pay Musicians for Live Stream performances from Jazz Central Studios

  • Direct application to the fund for emergency support

  • Creating online content for which they can earn money from the fund for their performances.

If you would like to donate directly to the Musicians Relief Fund, you can do so through the donate button below.