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Jazz Central Studios is a tax exempt non-profit organization. We depend on donations from organizations and individuals like you to keep our doors open. Revenue from live attendance covers less than half of our costs.

Please consider giving what you can to the Musicians Performance Fund to help JCS continue to add to the more than 250 Live/Livestream performances we have presented since mid-pandemic (June 2020). With the support of our community, we have been able to create a real economic impact on our musicians for the first time since our founding in 2010 and would love to continue to do so.

If you support what Jazz Central Studios provides for the local community, please consider donating or becoming a sponsor.

Sponsorship opportunities

To sponsor an event, simply donate $500.00 and in appreciation for your kind generosity you will be presented with the following gifts: 

  • A special acknowledgement of appreciation in our weekly newsletter and at the  event of your choosing

  • Two downloadable video past performances of your choice

  • 12 free live attendance passes (2 punch cards - 6 admissions each. $120 value)


If a co-sponsorship fits your budget more comfortably, simply donate $250.00, and in appreciation for your generosity you will receive the the following:

  • A special acknowledgement in our weekly and at theevent of your choosing.

  • One downloadable video of a past performance of your choice

  • 6 free live attendance passes (1 punch card - 6 admissions each. $60 value)

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