Saving Money

Having Fun

Supporting the Music You Care About

Jazz Central Studios is doing what we can to make your life easier with our prepaid admission card. 

  • You save money
    When you pay $50 for six regular $10 admissions (or twelve $5 student admissions) you basically get one (or two) for free.


  • You make checking in simple 
    No digging for cash, no swiping, no signing. Hand over your card, get it punched, and you're done


  • You make a commitment to getting out to hear live jazz

  • The reason you buy a package of yoga classes rather than pay as you go, is that paying ahead motivates you to get your money's worth.

Screen Shot 2019-07-18 at 9.44.13 AM.png
For $50
you get SIX full price $10 admissions*


Just show the card at the host desk and continue to be an important part of supporting the musicians who are taking the music to new heights.

Each card you purchase for $50 gets you six $10 regular admissions*. So while feeling good about supporting our mission, you are saving $10 on an already great value.


Your card is valid for 6 months – and sharing is encouraged….Make it a gift to a friend, or bring five folks with you on your next visit.

*(Value is doubled with student ID presented at regular events Monday-Thursday).